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Adoption Amplifier

What is the AA?

The Adoption Amplifier is how Hex comes into existence during the launch phase. Every day, for the first 353 days of launch, 500 million Hex (plus refer bonuses) is minted and distributed to those who participate in the Adoption Amplifier.

How do I participate in the AA?

To participate, you must visit go.hex.win and deposit Ethereum (ETH) into the pool. Use the link below to get an additional 10% of Hex via the referral program.
Once there, click Enter on the homepage next to the current launch day.

Once you confirm the transaction to send ETH to the adoption amplifier, your amount of ETH in the pool should appear after a few minutes.

When the day is complete, the day you participated in will appear as shown below. Click Exit and complete the transaction.

The transaction will show up as pending in your wallet as you mint the coins.

Once complete, your Hex will show up in your wallet, and it will show “Exited” in the AA

How much Hex will I get?

You will get a portion of the ~500 million Hex that is minted that day. The amount is determined by your percentage of ETH that is in the pool. If the total amount of Ethereum in the pool is 1000, and 100 of it is yours, then you would receive 10% of the Hex at the end of the daily pool (~50 million). Keep in mind that the total ETH in the AA pool is a fluid number that can change. It closes each day at 8pm EST, so do not assume you will receive the displayed ratio until the day is complete.


Below you can see a few different days that have already occurred in the AA pool. You can see how the total amount of ETH in the pool changes the ratio of Hex/ETH each day. If you put 1 ETH into the pool on day 140, you would receive 73,948 total Hex at the end of the day.

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