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Hex operates as a CD which is a market in the US that is currently worth over 570 billion dollars when you are only accounting for those that operate with under $100,000. It is a highly profitable industry that has proven to result in substantial returns for participants and assist them by providing a secure way to store Hex funds and increase their profits over time. Over the time period that stakers hold their assets for within Hex, there are two primary factors that influence interest rates and provide reasoning for holding on to these stakes even after the 50 week period has concluded.

One is based around the concept of the emergency end stake which is something that causes half of the penalty which is 50% of the weeks that are being committed to. The other factor has a foundation in the late end stake which is half of 1% of the entire stake that is being held after the initial 2 week grace period. These two characteristics are the main contributors into the stake pool that results in the final amount of interest that is paid out to the stakeholders under Hex. The service requires a gas fee to be paid that is associated with the service’s transactions being related to Ethereum, however, the ethereum and Hex prices are determined individually so no effect is had on one another.

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