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What is Hex's Market Cap?

Hex's market cap as of 10/28/2020 is $3.6 Billion and rank #10 on Nomics

How Is Hex's Market Cap calculated?

Market cap = (Circulating Supply) x (Price)

Staked coins are burned are not a part of the circulating supply, therefore they do not count towards market cap

Is it better to get Hex through the AA or Uniswap?

Dealers Choice. Whales might prefer to use the Adoption Amplifier to avoid slippage on Uniswap. Uniswap may be preferred by those who want to receive their HEX immediately, opposed to everyday at 8pm EST for the AA during launch.

Why do people call Hex a scam?

Reference the Hex FUD page.

Why doesn't coinpaprika or coinmarketcap report the correct market cap?

  • STOP using these sites that censor or manipulate data. https://www.nomics.com Is a much better choice.
  • Coinpaprika does not apply any tokens associated with the origin address towards market cap.
  • Coinmarketcap has a “black box” system of requirements that coins must meet before being listed before page 3. This means there are unknown requirements Hex must meet before being correctly listed. The requirements are unknown to prevent new coins from “gaming” the system. As Hex matures, it will likely meet the requirements and eventually be correctly listed.

Do I have to Stake my Hex?

No, but staking is the only way to earn interest.

Is Hex safe?

Hex has had 2 independent security audits and 1 economics audit. Two links to the audits are listed below, and ChainSecurity's audit will be released later.

Where is the best place to trade Hex?

hex.dex.win has the most liquidity and volume (Currently around 12 million of liquidity, 3-5 million in daily volume)

Is this an ICO?

No. Hex is a completely finished product that requires no future development.

Is this a security?

No. There is no money paid to a common pool with the expectation of profit from the work of others.

What are "Hearts"

Hearts are just a sub-unit of Hex. There are 100,000,000 Hearts per Hex.

Do I get the Big Pay Day Bonus in addition to my principal?

Yes. The Big Pay Day bonus is added to your principal amount, just like interest.

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