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What are Shares?

When you stake your Hex, you are burning your coins and replacing them with shares in the share pool. Your share percentage is what determines your interest received. When you end a stake, you remove your shares from the share pool and receive Hex back (plus interest) in return.

Share price only goes up.

In order to ensure that longer and larger stakes pay better over time, there is a pricing mechanism built into the contract. Every time a stake is ended the gains for that stake are calculated in the form of a share price which all future stakers will pay to convert their HEX into shares.


  • Stake on day 1, assume share price is 1000 share per HEX.
  • On day 20, someone ends their stake and has a 7% gain. This should translate into a share price of ~1.07 HEX per share. If that user wishes to stake again, the share price would be 934.58 shares per Hex (1000/1.07)

Where are my Shares?

You can see how many shares you hold for each stake on the “Stake” tab on go.hex.win

Share Bonuses

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