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Hex is the first high-interest savings account built on the Blockchain utilizing ERC-20 tokens. Hex functions as a certificate of deposit on the Blockchain operating in a manner based around trustless interest. This means, users can trust in the system without worrying about bad actors. With Hex you can be assured that the token you hold is built on top of a secure tested framework, which minimizes available attack vectors. The platform is more secure and protects against common malicious threats that plague other cryptocurrencies.

Hex has developed a unique way of payment where it pays holders of the cryptocurrency rather than miners. This system works to reward those who keep their Hex assets for the long term. Instead of holding Hex in a wallet while it depreciates from inflation, Hex provides a new way to earn by ‘staking’ your tokens. Staking is a form of locking up your tokens for a predetermined amount of time where the longer you lock up, the more you earn. This has the added bonus of temporarily removing tokens from circulation and boosting price. Low inflation rates are employed to further the profits of Hex stakers compared to those who hold.

The goal of Hex is to replace gold, credit card companies, payment companies, legacy certificates for deposits, and middlemen. The combined value of the entities Hex is trying to replace exceeds $20 trillion. Considering Bitcoin currently only has a market cap of $160 billion as the largest cryptocurrency there is still a lot of ground to be covered. The Hex community is in agreement that this token has the potential to uproot and overtake all existing cryptocurrencies.

The best part about Hex is Bitcoin holders can get it for free. This token was created by a leader in the crypto space who has led many other successful business ventures. Hex was developed so that anyone can participate and whoever gets in early can share in the reward that the network brings.

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