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Total Interest = Interest + Penalties paid to Stakers


3.69% of inflation occurs every year for Hex. That means 3.69% of the total supply is minted annually and adds to the total supply. These new coins are paid to stakers only (rather than miners in other cryptos). Because it's paid only to stakers, the interest percentage is a minimum of 3.69% ROI to stakers. It would likely be higher, as the percentage of total supply that is staked varies (reference chart below for total ROI for stakers).

Penalties Paid to Stakers

The staker pool also receives 50% of all penalties paid as interest too.

Your Interest

The amount of interest your coins will receive depends on the amount of Shares you own in the Staker Pool. The total interest is distributed to everybody in the staker pool based on their percentage of shares.

You can see how interest your current stakes have accumulated under the “Staking” tab on go.hex.win


  • Assume it is post launch phase and the total supply is around 600 Billion Hex
  • Inflation for the year at 3.69% would mint 22.1 billion hex
  • Assume 35% of the total supply is staked
  • This would mean the ROI to stakers for the year is 10.54%
  • You can calculate how much your personal interest is based on your percent of shares in the sharepool
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