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One main goal that Hex has been credited with focusing on is making sure that they are completely secure in order to keep their users safe from any fraudulent activity. The company has an ERC-20 contract in place that has been professionally audited and certified to ensure its legitimacy. A number of safe procedures have been implemented that help users to guarantee that everything has been performed correctly in order to mitigate errors. Procedures such as the application of whale penalties are in place to assist with this.

In addition to this, Hex safeguards from downtime by allowing users to continue their activity and operate on the system even if Ethereum crashes. This enables those who use Hex with the ability to use this platform regardless of the status of Ethereum.


Hex has had 2 independent security audits and 1 economics audit. Two links to the audits are listed below, and ChainSecurity's audit will be released later.

https://hex.win/docs/HEX-Security-Audit-by-CoinFabrik-DEC2019.pdf https://hex.win/docs/HEX%20Economics%20Audit%20by%20CoinFabrik.pdf

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