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What is Staking?

Staking your coins is one of the foundations of Hex. When you stake your coins, you are locking them up by burning them. The coins you stake are no longer a part of the circulating supply, so they cannot be bought or sold. When you stake, you earn a portion of the share pool. It is through these shares that you earn interest.

How do I Stake my Hex?

Please reference the Staking guide.

Where are my Stakes?

You can see all your active stakes on go.hex.win, or hex.live. To see them, you must connect your metamask wallet to either site.

You can switch between different MetaMask wallets and you should see your active stakes update to the ones on the currently selected wallet.

Here you can also see your accumulated interest, total shares, estimated Big Pay Day bonus based on current day data, and maturity of your stake.

Staking Rules

  • You must stake for a minimum of 1 day, and can only stake up to 5555 days
  • Once you submit your stake, the coins are burned. You can no longer access these coins until your stake is complete, or until you emergency end your stake
  • In return, you receive shares in the share pool. Reference Shares for more details on how the share system works.
  • You cannot add to your stake once it is submitted
  • You cannot increase the length of a stake once submitted
  • Emergency Ending your stake will subject you to penalties for not fulfilling your stake. Click on Penalties to find out more.
  • You can have as many stakes as you'd like
  • You can stake coins that are minted via the Adoption Amplifier, bought on Uniswap, or bought on other exchanges

Ending your Stake

Before the Stake is over
Once the Stake is complete, there are 2 options
  • Option 1 is to “End Stake” at go.hex.win to end your stake and mint back your coins (plus interest and bonuses).
  • Option 2 is to choose “Good Accounting” which takes the expired shares out of the pool, but does not mint them yet. This option can be chosen for tax purposes if you do not want to mint your coins at the time.
  • There is a 14 day grace period to choose either “End Stake” or “Good Accounting” once your stake ends
  • After 14 days, you will suffer a 1% weekly penalty for every week you do not “End Stake” or select “Good Accounting”
  • Once you mint the coins, you are free to re-stake, sell on an exchange, or hold in your wallet.
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