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Why Hex?

Hex is a FINISHED product

No ICO. No promises of future development. Hex is done and works now.

Hex pays inflation to stakers instead of miners.

Staking Hex is like getting free mining hardware and electricity. This concept pays stakers to hold the price up, rather than payer miners who dump the price. Hex has a lower inflation rate than Bitcoin, even after the rate was cut in half twice in its 10 years. The inflation is also delayed, because it's only paid on ended stakes, and stakes can last 10 years. Inability to trade staked coins increases the value of unstaked coins, and chance that some will early endstake and pay penalties to loyal stakers.

Big Pay Day!

Around 12 million or more of the 18 million total BTC worth of HEX claims will be given to the stakers on day 353 by shares. And! It gets multiplied by the Viral and CriticalMass adoption bonus multipliers which can increase it up to 3x. The share price only goes up. Learn more on the Big Pay Day page.

Strong hands are rewarded

Stakers that end stake early or late pay LOYAL stakers. Longer stake commit pays 20% more per year, up to 3x shares, (partial years are fine). Lower fees, lower inflation.

Referral Program

Earn more Hex by referring (1 layer). The referral period ends after the launch phase. Companies like Tesla and Amazon use referral programs very successfully.

Trustless Interest

Let's say you want to make more bitcoin on your bitcoin. What are your options? You could lend your coins out and take the risk they're not returned, or you could try selling your coins for mining hardware and hope to get more coins back later. Lots of people have lost money trying either.

Total Transparency

HEX is the first cryptocurrency with a chart of future sellable supply (expiring stakes over time.) This secures buyers confidence in future value of their investment.

HEX has Speculative Stickiness

Normal crypto currencies have: Price, hash rate. HEX has: HEX price, Share price, Directly affects staker profit per share: % of supply staking, Average stake length, Average stake size, stake expiration chart over time, early & late end stake penalties.

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